Home Improvements: Glass and Plugs

The Chalk Hills Kitchen

The glass splashback wall is installed – finally, and all the pieces fit precisely. It’s brilliant, and a total breeze to keep clean. I also love the way the garden reflects against the glass and turns it different colours.


And I don’t think that I mention one of the things, well a gadget actually, that I love. These are pop-up sockets. When you need an electrical outlet, you just pull up the tower and you have 3 power points for use. When you’re finished, unplug the appliance (or phone or charger or whatever) and push the tower back into the worktop. That means very few sockets on the wall to muck up the clean lines of the kitchen.


Now you see it …..


… Now you don’t! How nifty is that, eh?

Yesterday, I ordered all of the wooden blinds for the house. In two weeks those will be installed…

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Reasons Bradley?

Mommy D Pacquiao Mommy D Pacquiao

Las Vegas, Nevada – Manny Pacquiao won a 12-round unanimous decision over Timothy Bradley on Saturday to avenge his controversial 2012 loss to the previously unbeaten American. But that was not the big news.

Moments after losing the WBO welterweight crown to the Filipino boxer and congressman, Bradley accused Pacquiao’s mom Dionisia, popularly known as Mommy D, of voodooism. Bradley claims that Mommy D cast some witchcraft on him, causing him to be disoriented in the last few rounds of the title fight at the MGM arena in Las Vegas.Mommy D was caught on camera, clutching a rosary and a tiny missalette, uttering unintelligible words while pointing at the American boxer.

It is believed that witchcraft is still practiced in parts of the Philippines and there still exist some occasional witches, locally known as mangkukulam.

The Pacquiao camp, however, simply dismissed Bradley’s accusation as “sour grapes.”

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The Fed Is Right to Worry About “Kitchen Table Economics”


Anyone who was worried—based on Fed chair Janet Yellen’s recent comments about interest rates rising as early as 2015—that she was turning hawkish should be reassured by a speech she gave today in Chicago. Her comments focused on what the Fed should still be doing at this point in the recovery to promote a stronger labor market. She made it very clear that she sees our lingering post-financial crisis unemployment problems as cyclical, rather than structural. In other words, there’s a lot of slack in the labor market, and there’s more the Fed can do to fix that. “The government has the tools to address cyclical unemployment,” Yellen said. “Monetary policy is one such tool.” That’s why the market shouldn’t take the Fed’s recent scale back of its asset buying program as evidence that it’s giving up—merely that it’s changing its focus.

What’s interesting is where Yellen seems to be…

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